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lorrie - 10-28-2013

They quoted a past due balance from a bank that I do know of but cannot pay due to unemployment. He said that the attorney that he was working with demanded 500 a month starting today. I tried to explain that I am unemployed and have no money in the bank. I have nothing until I get to work. He very rudely and abruptly said to me, see you in court and hung up on me. He was very rude, continuously talked over me, would not let me talk at all and was absolutely unwilling to work with me in any way. I have every intention and always have wanted to get all of my bills paid. This man needs a different career, because he is going to give someone a heart attack harassing them like this. If I have to go to court for this I will, but them matter remains, I have no job, no assets of any kind and am doing the best I can. You cannot get money or anything else out of a person if they just don't have it.

Caller type: Other
Caller: James
Company: some attorneys office
Number: 855-361-6790


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