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JP - 03-29-2017

This number is being used by people to whom it does not belong -- hacking/spoofing. It is the billing office number for the Retina Group of Florida, yet when that number shows up on my caller ID, every one of those calls received was bogus. Someone else is using the number. Sad how many of these people have nothing better to do. I have talked to the Retina Group of Florida about it, but they don't seem to care to look into this. I now question their integrity. I have tried to reach them at this number and out of easily a dozen tries, got through to a person once. I didn't understand the person who answered, so I made the mistake of asking if it was the Billing Office for Retina Group of Florida, to which she said, "Yes, it is. How can I help you?" Interesting that the bill I was questioning, which I got in the mail, showed a balance due, but according to this gal, they owed me. Obviously, that was not their billing office.

Number: 855-361-8302


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