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MCH - 01-14-2016

Bunch of thug type scammers using ID theft info to try and get money from you. Hang up repeatedly when you press them for the name and address of their 'company'. Get abusive and insulting. Leave messages about trying to 'serve' you papers. Call back and they offer to stop the service if you pay them money. Yeah, right. Verizon Wireless told me they have numerous complaints about the number, but can't give me their carrier info without a subpoena. So I'll be filing a police report and hoping the cops will get the info. People like this are the scum of the earth. Just imagine the frightened people who actually give them their hard-earned money. For the record, one of the idiots blurted out 'UBS' and then 'UBS Processing' when I kept asking for name of company. One employee said they're based in Fairfax, VA but hung up and wouldn't give me street address. Next guy told me they're in Marietta, GA but gave me a false address. Just a bunch of ex-cons with reams of ID theft info trying to make money off it.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: UBS Processing
Number: 855-366-1169


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