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Emily - 01-14-2015

MEDICAL FRAUD!!!!! "Express Rx Pharmacy" does not exist. They send Rx request to our clinic for ridiculous compounded topical medicines like sumatripitan + zofran & phenytoin + vancomycin that I never prescribed. When I asked my patient about this she said the company has been repeatedly calling her & telling her she needs these. When I try to call the number associated with fax request (855-371-3933) there is no company voicemail, it's a generic recording & I have not been able to get through & no one has called me back!!!! All they need is a doctors signature & an order so they can send to insurance company to get reimbursed - they don't even send anything to the patient. Please, doctors/NPs/PAs out there- do not sign any form from this company!! They need to be reported to Medicare for medical fraud!!!

Caller type: Fax Machine
Company: Express Rx Pharmacy
Number: 855-371-3933


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