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Sick of Idiots - 07-11-2014

So where did this scumbag get my number from? Pawing through Medicare documents or a leak from a drug store calling list or a health insurance list?

In my case the prick didn't say a word...I've just gotten silence and hang-up robo crap from this pest.

Number: 855-375-8232


bob - 07-10-2014

Called. Regarding medical devices for Medicare patients paid for by insurance company. Informed him we were on do not call list. He asserted it did not. Apply to them. Refused to say why. After being asked three times.

I informed him that he was an asshole and never call again

He en threatened to sue me. I hung up. Reporting the number to do not call list

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Sammy
Number: 855-375-8232


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