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Angel - 12-07-2011

we got a call from these idiots and they stated that i had defaulted on a 900 dollar loan that supposedly I did over the internet via PayDay Lends Capital LLC. and i am being taken to court, supoosedly the case number is 19332. What they are doing, some how they get a hold of your last four number of your social security number and then ask what your birthday is, then they will state that the paper work will be sent to you in the mail of the lawsuit being brought against you.....but if you try to call the 855-376-7119 back the number is always busy....please be aware of these thieves and do not give any info to them, my daughter verified her birthday and now i fear that she will be scamed for 900 dollars. San Antonio texasCaller: PayDay Lends Capital LLC
Call Type: Debt Collector

Caller type: Scammer
Company: payday lends capital LLC
Number: 855-376-7119


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