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Tim - 05-29-2014

(This may be a duplicate post - I am posting this on multiple sites) I received a call from this number on my work VoiceMail. There were a few red flags that went up. First, I have never used my work number as a contact for any of my personal credit files. Next, the voicemail was extremely generic. It says ‘your name, and your SS number’ instead of using my actual name or part of my real SS number. Last, the voicemail threatens that I am being “scheduled for proceedings in 72 hours”. Hmmmm, the machine knows exactly how long, but nothing else? They must use some kind of kangaroo court, otherwise, you are served for court. At the very least a registered letter. It’s worth noting, that these scam debt collectors are becoming more & more common. The sad fact is, most people these days have owed someone something at some point (even if it’s as small as an overdue library book or a late return of a movie.) These generic scammers will pray on that & try to get you to send some type of certified funds to them. Occasionally, they will do a little work & pull some information from your credit profile, then use it for the scam. Never seen anything by Western union, green dot, or the like to someone you don’t know! You will just be giving your money away. If you want to do that, send it to me ? Be careful people! The world is getting weird!

Caller type: Scammer
Company: DM Associates
Number: 855-380-7726


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