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Sommer - 09-10-2014

Called my dad's phone looking for stating they were going to put warrant out for me. Scared my dad! BBB getting a complaint from me. I was on hold for 15 mins and when asked info about them they kept saying please hold I'm pulling up your info.....which after 15 mins NEVER happened. BEWARE!

Company: Johnson Moore
Number: 855-393-4317


Tammy - 09-10-2014

That he is a private investigator looking for Tammy...he scared my mom because he called her phone in oklahoma.

Caller type: Other
Caller: tim mcneal
Company: Johnson and more Ssociates
Number: 855-393-4317


ET - 09-05-2014

A call came through to my sister that they are doing an investigation and they need to contact me. The individual did not provide any company information. I googled this number and found that people having been writing about being scammed by caller(s) from this number. One person said that they were the victim of an identity scam and that's what resulted in calls from this number.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: ms bower
Number: 855-393-4317


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