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Greg - 01-29-2017

This is a harassing scam number (855 404 4011) that uses robo calls to tell you your Apple product has a security breach and not to use it until their security advisor (Scam Artist) bilks you out of money. You are told to call back on this number where they confirm that you are a real person (likely victim) and try to sell you a phony security fix that you don't need. Once they have your credit card number the real trouble starts.

The Phone Companies holding access to this number are co-conspirators in a felony and should be held accountable for all the scam numbers they supply access to. Write your representatives and help to hold the Phone Company directly liable for violation of the do not call list.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Apple Support fake India Apple wormy
Number: 855-404-4011


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