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SICK TIRED - 10-29-2013

I receive calls from this number every day. Today the number came in as 855-420-8290. The man did not identify himself or who he was with. Just said that I needed to forms of ID and that if I was being served at work my supervisor needed to be present and sign paperwork, this was at 1:10pm. The next call came in at 3:10pm and it sounded like the man said his name was Howard Hughes, but when he gave his name he muffled the receiver. He said that due to the fact they did not receive a cease and desist letter from the claiment that he would be out to my house at 4pm today and I need to make myself available. If I had questions call 855-234-1304.

If someone is going to be served to appear in court, they do not call you, they just show up.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Howard Hughes
Number: 855-420-8290


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