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bj - 05-11-2014

Please do not trust the previous post by Gerald Franklin, left on 5-1-14. I checked other sites where this phone number is listed and on the exact same day, people left comments on the other sites describing how glad they were that they called the number and took care of their issue. This is a debt collection scam and these people are quite smart, yet dumb in how they are trying to go about getting money off of scared individuals. If you feel so inclined to give money, at least contact an attorney first so that they can explain to you how these scam artist work and how not to give up your money to them.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Did not leave personal name
Company: did not leave company name
Number: 855-430-1521


Gerald Franklin - 05-01-2014

Spoke with a dude Mark was very rude to begin with but we got the convo under control and handled the situation orcordinally. Personal business wont discuss what........but overall it was worth it

Caller type: Other
Caller: Johnathon Hamilton
Number: 855-430-1521


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