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Patricia - 11-15-2016

no. THey merely stated they were looking for my daughter and wanted her to know that a county court case is being filed against her. I asked why they were calling me because I have no information to give them. the lady replied to me that if I don't answer her questions about my daughter her rights would be revoked and she will be picked up @her employer. said she already spoke to my daughters immediate supervisor and they are aware she is having law enforcement sent to process my daughter. I hung up she called right back and said since I hung up and not cooperating my daughter will be picked up by sheriff and processed immediately. now I thought this was very odd since my daughter in fact works as a DOC officer at our county sheriff's office. This call was very upsetting and the lady was threatning. I was not impressed but I didn't appreciate the way I was spoken too.

Caller type: Sociopath
Company: Allied
Number: 855-442-5661


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