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Ashley - 09-14-2014

it's supposedly technical support for an internet company. he switched me to sales & i hung up after waiting on hold for almost 10 minutes w/o anyone saying anything...just music.

Caller type: Other
Company: livelocalnetisp
Number: 855-445-5888


gigi - 08-11-2014 gave me this number to call to get help with Thunderbird. Called spoke with Vershal Gumber - for one hour, thirty minutes. He took over my computer and proceeded to show me pages of sites that now have access to my computer AND my Network Security had been turned off by the scammers ???? At the end of this mind-numbing 1.5 hours, he said my problems would be solved for $199. I may be old, certainly not stupid! This site act legitimate, but it just the same old scam. Fortunately, my computer is so new, I have not used any credit cards or bank numbers, passwords are not on this computer.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Could barely understand him
Number: 855-445-5888


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