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Mz Lady - 03-10-2015

She was calling me on behalf of Douglas County advising me that they are going to serve me paper on 3-12 between the hours of 12-4 and i need to have two legal forms of ID and if i am not there they will come to my job. Or i can call 8-55-447-8388 but they called from a local number 402-218-2637. I have no clue who they are and she gave me ref number 58257- four numbers. They are rude and dont give you clear info on who what when and where this came from. But i could settle for 500 or pay over 2 grand in court cost. I called my court house and the case number was invalid and they had no clue of who they are and took the information to give to the fraud department

Caller type: Other
Caller: Michelle Reynolds
Company: legal services
Number: 855-447-8388


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