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Ray - 03-13-2015

These guys (Green Tree Servicing) are another type of low life collection agency. Like the mob, they have a legit front business which supposedly does real estate financing, and then the real business is in the shadows that buys old and statue of limitation expired debt and using various harassment tactics try to collect 10 to 30 cents on the dollar. And no they're not interested in hearing that they have the wrong person or the debt has been discharged, or the statute has expired. Just like the mob, the only way the guy on the phone will be able to eat, is to earn (in this case collect), so there is no incentive to accept any explanation. Oh ya, on top of that, even if you pay these guys anything, first your debt statute date will reset to day 1, and then they'll sell the uncollected portion to another outfit which now can sue you for the money. I understand that these guys are under investigation by various state attorneys’ offices. So the only to get rid of them is to go after them at the state level. Don't waste you time with the Fed's, all they do is collect data and issue reports.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Green Tree Servicing
Number: 855-454-2908


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