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Dawn - 09-26-2014

Yes this is Stephen Miller tried to get in contact with Don Maceo, Bert anomaly regards to a formal complaint filed against of this morning for several different matters. I am calling to verify that I do have the correct address as well. The correct employed, so, this individual. The next step will be filing the necessary paperwork with in Butte County District Court. At this time. You do have a legal right to point, so they choose to exercise this right. Telephone number will be (855) 472-3891. We will need reference complaint Number A C 15724 at this time. Don, lessel We're taking off early. You been officially notified. i have no clue who this is, he is harrassing everyone i know and then some, please if you can make it stop do so

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: Stephen Miller
Number: 855-472-3891


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