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Kirstie - 06-24-2011

supposedly, empire blue cross left this voicemail at my home anwering machine. The voicemail said to call this number 855-473-9986 for an important health reminder. I called and an automated system started - sounding official enough - saying that I had reached empire blue cross blue shield and it asked to verify who I was by entering "the number we left our message at" when I did, it did match it to my name. so far so good, then I got very suspicious because next it asked me to enter the year I was born in. I refused to enter it, the system asked again, the third time that I refused to enter anything, it said we're sorry we 're only asking this information to protect your identity or something like that. I don't know why they already had my name and phone number, probably also my address, then my birthyear?!?! Even if it was a legit call from Empire Blue Cross, with all the identify theft out there, they should not use this type of mechanism to provide service to their customers.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Empire Blue Cross
Company: Empire Blue Cross
Number: 855-473-9986


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