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cameodeb - 11-10-2014

Popup online while on advance auto site. I'm loaded with antivirus, antispyare, etc. I called number just to see who it was and no company name or personal name given. SO IT HAS TO BE CRAP!!!

Caller type: Other
Caller: Not provided-online tech support
Company: Not provided-online popup msg
Number: 855-475-7633


Michael - 10-01-2014

This number pops up as a fake PC Tools Antivirus warning. I also saw another, with no company given, that wanted you to call (877)695-1763. The sad part is that it happened when I was reading the e-edition of the local newspaper.

Number: 855-475-7633


Lana - 10-01-2014

this has been popping up on my computer screen several times a day, says call this number you may have spyware on your computer I just log out and do not open

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: live tech
Company: live chat
Number: 855-475-7633


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