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TL - 06-03-2014

I received a call today from this number, 855-481-7572; They left an automated voice message stating I had recently applied for a Loan On-Line (WHICH I NEVER DO) and that their Officers are taking a second look at my application and I'm approved for $1000.00 - They left an email address of - and the offer expires in 24-hours. (** I googled the web address given and what do you know?? - It immediately brought up "Wire Loan Today / Payday Loans") - I've not applied for any loans of any type or any amount on-line or anywhere else for that matter and certainly would never go to a Loan-Sharking Payday Loan company if I did. - DON'T ANSWER YOUR PHONE - It's a SCAM

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Automated Call No name given
Company: Wire Loan Today Payday Loan
Number: 855-481-7572


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