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M K - 03-24-2015

Whoever is at the end of this number is trying to get my mom to meet them somewhere. Saying they need to serve her with papers. When you call the number back it says the company is ARA. I called under a fake name and I talked to someone there and asked what ARA stood for. I was told it stood for nothing that it was the attorneys daughter's initials. When I asked who the attorneys was I was told by the lady that she was not going to "Play that game" I asked what game. I just want to know why you are contacting me. I was given the total run around and told that I could not have the name of the attorney. They called my mom's work number, her house number (spoke to my dad), and they called who they thought was her boss and harrassed him as well. My mom told the guy on the phone when she spoke to him when and where she would be available to be served and they never showed. There are other people that have reported this number on other websites. Who the hell are these people??? They want a woman to go meet them somewhere...I think not.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Tracy Jones
Company: ARA
Number: 855-489-7621


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