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sal - 04-18-2014

These people called our business and appeared to be from our merchant services credit card company.... and wanted the person in charge to call them back. I am the person in charge, and I was given this phone number and extension 1311 and told to ask for Jessica. I called the number which said it was Pier One (or Tier One?) Processing. I went through some automation to get to extension 1311. A guy answered and transferred me to "Jessica". She asked my business name....and then asked my name. She said she wanted to discuss overcharges on my merchant account statement and wanted to get those corrected. I told her I was leary about giving her information if the call wasn't legitimate. She said that it was legit and that she would show me that it was legit if I would look at my last two merchant statements. She then ASKED ME for info off of my statement, such as the fees charged in March and the total amount funded to my bank. I told her that if she was legit, she would have that information in front of her instead of having to ask me for it. She said she doesn't have that information, as her department isn't allowed to have that information, but that they are just trying to correct the overcharges for us. Again, I told her that I was leary if the call was legit and I didn't want to give out more information. She said that she was just trying to get the overcharges corrected and that if I didn't want to help her do that, then she would just move on to the next client. I told her that I didn't want to give her any more information, and that I would just call the phone number on my merchant statement. She very quickly said OKAY, and she hung up the phone. I did call the phone number on my merchant statement, and the person who took my call in "billing" department was named Jessica. (which is pretty odd when you think about it.) She transferred me to another merchant services account representative who told me that they had NO OUTGOING CALLS to me today regarding my merchant account. They said it was a fake call from a company who was trying to get my information so they could try to get my business. Scammers. Liars. Don't give them any information at all!! They sound really convincing and really professional (until they begin getting rude when you don't believe them), but don't fall for it. Also..... be sure to report them in every way you can.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Jessica
Company: Tier One or Pier One
Number: 855-492-7159


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