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ELAINNA - 06-08-2012

don't do it...the poll was for Russ Limbaugh .ended up being for marketing..after the rep starting trying to throw in gifts,etc. i realized it was a bogus set up...i said...wait a minute..i do not want a bunch of spam sent to me..i recognized it as a sales call and she hung up on me..liars..they are...but before she hung this..
independent poll..yeah..right..
of course ...if you feel like ranting and raving...just to waste their time..when I realized I was duped..everything she mentioned ..I got off on a tangent..Walmart..oh, don't get me started..each time she mentioned something..i ranted...wasted at least 20 mins and she hung

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: A LIE
Number: 855-500-2724


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