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Stateville - 05-10-2016

Today, 5/10/2016, I was attempting to 'Share' a Post on Facebook, when a 'Blue Screen Popped Up' stating I had possible 'Security' problems. The message said to call 855-506-6515 and not to disconnect or Reboot my computer. I called the number and got some man who I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND A THING HE WAS SAYING. I asked where he was located and who he worked for. He said Microsoft and he was in the North Carolina area? He suggested that maybe my 'Security Program' had expired. I told him I was running Microsoft Essentials Security check as we spoke. I told him I couldn't understand a 'Damn Thing' he was saying; that he was a 'Hoax' and I was going to report this number; and, I hung up on him!

Number: 855-506-6515


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