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Almost Victim - 04-09-2014

THIS IS A SCAM 100%. They may tell you that they are an investigator offering a counter offer on a law suit, that you are a defendant, or that you owe them money for a payday loan, ect ect. They will tell you that legal actions are being taken or will be taken against you including: going to court, jail, or warrents. They will have personal information on you like SSN, maiden name, address, email, bank info, contact info on your friends/family/employer. Most ppl who have reported this company have stated the calls started soon after applying online for CC or loan. They try and make it sound legit, by "set up" of payments and tell you that you have to sign a 'legal auth. form' for them to take the money from your account(s). Do NOT fall for it!!
Additional phone numbers for this payday loan scam are:

The more people who file legal/fraud complaints on them, the more likely something will be done about it. These places can be googled to find website for filing complaint, so please file a complaint/report with your state attorney general's office, the better business bureau (, consumer protection agency, federal consumer complaints (, federal trade comission (, consumer reports, and the most important one to submit a complaint/report is The FBI Extortion Scam website ( the link for the form to submit is under what you should do if you get these calls.

Please keep in mind that any "legit" debt collection agency/company/business must follow certain laws. You can look these up online. One of which is that they are in no way allowed to harass you or your family/friends/emplyer, and are not allowed to threaten you. As a former employee of a REAL debt collection agency, I can tell you that all they can do is report it to credit agencies. You will not go to jail and they can not take warrents out on you, no matter what information they have or what they say. Want the calls to stop? You can tell them you're reporting them to the fbi extorsion devision, ftc, attrny general, and bbb.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Reynolds Hill Associates or-Pack Management
Number: 855-506-9339


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