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Dwight Byrd - 08-14-2012

I received calls from this agency at my work number over a payday loan that was deposited into my account after I apparently gave out too much information to another company. The loan company is based in New Zealand. In my case my account was in the negative when I was researching the loan therefore when they deposited the money I had no way of returning it immediately even if there was a remote chance of contacting them. By the time I realized the money was even deposited their 3 day "grace" period was already gone. Now I agreed to pay back what this collection agency , although Mr. McCoy identifies them as a litigation agency. He is not who I spoke to originally, that would be a James Taylor. I am relatively sure I am being scammed.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Henry McCoy
Company: Alliance Solutions
Number: 855-557-5396


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