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Briane - 07-31-2014

Called me at work, identified by name of Jasmine. Did not give a company name. She simply told me that I was being placed on her list, was going to deliver me a registered letter by next Thursday. Thatwill supposedly tell me that I will be sent to prison if I do not comply and pay money I owe. Every 3 months these people have been calling me at work for atleast 2 years. This is always regards to some money that I apparently owe. I have made multiple police reports and reported it to the FBI. I was told to ignore the calls. They usually call a few times for a week and then nothing for 3 months. It is rediculous that I have to continue to be harassed by these people. I do not owe them any money. When the sheriff department called the number back they denied ever calling me.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 855-580-4907


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