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Row - 04-19-2011

I got that same call but they said to call them and give them my address and job address and left the same mssg on my phone. I figure if u gonna serve me u got my info and the number is as if its some BS. Im callin a lawyer. They didnt even have my name right.smh

Number: 855-583-2045


susie - 04-18-2011

Called our company and left vm on my extension for an employee, listing his name, case # and that there have been charges filed and claim filed against this employee, who hasn't worked here since 2006. Claimed that we needed to call him with our address to serve him, then stated he was calling "you guys" to let us know about the charges that were filed. He ended his message with the employee's name, stating "you have been served."


Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Tony Johnson
Company: ADR EDR
Number: 855-583-2045


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