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Sarah - 07-30-2014

I keep getting calls from this number over and over again. The voicemail left is from a lady stating I have until 3p business day today to call her back. Then I get a call from a male stating that he will serve me papers today at my work unless I call and tell them to "stop the process". I am debt free. I have had some issues with my SSN, and someone trying to use it to get loans. I did call back the number and got just a general voicemail which is fishy to me. I left a detailed message that i would like something mailed to my home address (obviously they have it if they are claiming to try and serve me there) with the name and website and phone number of their company along with information of the company i supposedly owe a debt to so I can contact them myself. I then get a phone call back stating "you need to call me back by 3p today". OK NO, I am not going to fall for this. If I do owe a true debt to someone I want written proof and to be able to call the initial company on my own. I am not blindly paying some company that doesn't even have actual voicemails or a website over the phone. I am fairly certain I have no outstanding debts, but you never know. And with all the issues I have been having with stuff popping up on my SSN it makes me nervous. I have a friend who is an attorney looking into this further for me, but so far they have been calling for 3 weeks and I have yet to be served! If they can't follow simple instructions to send me documentation by mail then I think it is all a scam.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: David CarraffAnn M StuartMarshall
Company: Executive Aquisition Group
Number: 855-587-4856


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