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Jayne Deaux - 04-19-2012

Just received a call from this number today!!! Mr. Campbell of the Georgia State Ethics Board is how he identified himself. Stated that I was going to be prosecuted by my local county court & receive a subpena to appear in court for arrest. He referenced that on my credit report Oak Rock Financial (ask for number which is supposedly 888-347-2365) representing the "college network" is suing me. This was supposed to be for an educational loan to become a nurse. ***PLEASE NOTE: NEVER WANTED OR TRIED TO BECOME A NURSE IN MY LIFE*** Please be aware...I've called the Georgia State Ethics Board (Commission) who has a new name now and informed them of this scam. So if you are reading this Mr. of luck fighting your companies new legal battle of falsely stating you are with the State of Georgia Ethic's Board in attempt to scam money out of people for debts they have never had.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Mr Cambell
Company: State Ethics Board Georgia
Number: 855-593-0072


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