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anonymous - 07-15-2013

I just received a call from these jokers. I suspicion it is a scam. They are trying to scam me out of my money. First of all one has the right to ask for a debt validation letter. One has the right to ask them for their physical address. I just bet two to one: they will not provide the address. They will not send a professional legal document with the names of the debtor, how much the debt is, and a full complete explanation of the extra fees. Therefore, it is a scam. They scare people. Catch them off guard. If you are not familiar with fair debt collection practices one could fall for it!! Don't fall for it!!
USB Mediations, Friedman and Associates, Attorney Scott Frxx, Alliance Assests are probably all working together I suspicion. If the truth be knownst!! These people will claim to send out deputy processors, or they have a recording that is half human/half machine so to speak. They claim you are being sued. They want the money today so you won't be prosecuted in court. Attorney Scott Frxx (National Check Fraud) told me I was going to be served a bench warrant. They will ask you to load a visa card, a money pak card. Don't do it!! It is scam. What is the worst travesty of justice is that these people hacked, or paid to get our personal information. Good luck!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: JP Consulting
Company: Alliance Asset Management
Number: 855-594-5155


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