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Sarah - 05-20-2014

I recognized the voice. Of course He changed his name and name of the company. Last time it was Washington Recovery Services and his name was Joseph Anderson. When you start asking questions about the claim he tries to over talk you, which is a red flag that its not real and a scam. Watch out don't give any personal information!!!!!!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: nicholas costello
Company: brown and goldstein
Number: 855-606-1319


Victoria - 05-15-2014

Causer me saying that I had gotten from a payday lender on Febuary 10, 2013. He could not give me the amount that was despoit into my account. All he could give me was an amount of $913.00. The last four the account was not mine. The number is 2675. This caller was very nasty.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Kevin Cleary
Company: Brown Goldstein
Number: 855-606-1319


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