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Basil - 05-04-2014

Thank God I had heard of this scam story from someone last month so I recognized it for what it was, but taht did not stop us from all feeling really bad!! This man claiming to be Captain Neal called from 855-631-1833 and posed as someone from Dominican embassy who was holding one of our family members with him, and could get our family member out of jail if there was $4k bail sent immediately. Our family member "could not call" or be reached because the mobile phone was supposedly confiscated, but the alleged embassy would handle this if the money was forthcoming, otherwise tehre would be jail time with dire problems lasting at least a month or more. [...] We figured out the prank but this fraudster, the captain Neal, had the cojones to call back 3 hours later and demand "where is the money?" My family and I were really angry and told off this dirty thief who scared and harrassed everyone concerned.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Captain Neal
Company: Caller ID says unavailable
Number: 855-631-1833


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