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Rock - 02-05-2014

Company constantly calls my mother-in-law saying they are from The Gold Group about a loan that my husband supposedly took out from Sagemore in 2009, which I have never seen on his credit report and know nothing about. They constantly call my mother-in-law and when I told them to stop, they said that is a local agency calling her that has nothing to do with them, yet this supposed local agency gives her the same number 855-692-7414. I asked for account number and address of this Sagemore and they said they cannot provide it, that we either have to wait for this collection to go to court, or I can set up a payment arrangement with the Gold Group, without having any paperwork sent to us. They won't send us paperwork because since they've been sending to my husband's old addresses, they can't send anymore paperwork. None of this makes any sense to me at all. They said the original loan was for $160, now it is up to $589.60, and if it goes to court it will end up being $1784.00. The person who I spoke with was Allen David, then he transferred me to a woman.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Allen David
Company: wwwthegoldgrouporg
Number: 855-692-7414


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