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Sashal - 03-30-2016

6 calls (from 2 different people with strong foreign accents) to my cellphone in last 2 days insisting that there is a problem with my computer. I said I didn't have an account with Microsoft - I have a Mac. The 1st caller quickly changed the story and said they were receiving error messages from my Mac. Today "Jennie" called while I was out and asked for a better time (when I would be at my laptop) so she could call back and help me resolve the problem. She called again at the appointed time and asked if we could work through the problem on my machine. II told her I knew it was a scam and I hung up.
My iPhone call record shows that the calls are coming from "Unknown" or 1-855-693-7638, a number cited on the internet as being used by scammers.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Jennie Michelle
Company: Microsoft
Number: 855-693-7638


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