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Eric - 01-13-2014

I've received in total 4 calls from this debt collection and/or bounty hunter sham company. Each time they're looking for someone with an entirely different name. They even became extremely defensive and and put me on indefinite hold when I asked for them company name and why they continued to call me after I had told them that I am not the person they were looking for.

Fast forward to the latest call, and they insist I am the person they are seeking and insisted I stop lying and trying to hide. Are you kidding me? I hope BBB or someone pursue's this B.S. Wow.

Number: 855-697-3889


AJ Simkatu - 12-17-2013

Called my work looking for a woman, said it was not an attempt to collect a debt but rather involved two legal matters and that the woman had 20 minutes to respond to the call. No details on what would happen if the woman didn't call in 20 minutes.

I am guessing this is a debt collection agency that has purchased up old traffic and parking tickets and is now calling up people and threatening them with jail if they don't pay up.

These folks are scumbags since they are lying to people claiming its not about a debt. It is a debt. You are a collection agency, you just happen to be working for the state to enforce a debt. You are not the state and you can't put anyone in jail.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Amy
Company: Legal Services of Kansas
Number: 855-697-3889


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