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Heather Vandewalle - 07-18-2012

These people keep calling, harassing and keep threatening me saying I am check scamming and I havnt written a bad check in 10 years, today they called me and threatened my dad they would give me a bench warrant if I didnt call back, then when I did they read me a list of charges like they were a police officer or judge or something. They wanted to charge me 300 dollars a month and i have next to nothing income. I told them to take me to court because I dont believe anything they are telling me because I know my rights and I know its illegal to threaten like this so I wasnt going to take it but he got meaner and meaner,. Yes I got debt and i am no angel but I am also low income and have to work slowly on my debt. so when I discussed with this looser he told me that i had to have 1000 dollars to go to court and kept going on and on and on. I cant take it any more from this agency. I want it handled to another agency becuase if this is true and not a scam like I am hearing it is then I would like to get it resolved but it dont sound true. I am so depressed that I am thinking of admiting myself to the hosptial because I have a history of suicide attempts and this dont help my situation at all and it makes me really upset. The way he threatened me with those charges and crap makes me so darned upset
I dont know the name of the collection agency and I dont remember the guys name because he rattled it too fast but the number is

Caller type: Collection Agency
Number: 855-699-6894


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