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Christopher Wiese - 03-17-2014

I recieved a phone call from another agency first regarding a returned item at my bank from a company called international carrier with a case number. When I called them back they said that they needed to serve me papers and what was the best time to come hand them to me in person? I asked what this was regarding and they said to contact this number 855 709 2847 regarding what my case was about. So when I called this number a very nervous sounding man answered and I said I was referred to this number by another company telling me that I could find out what my case was about and then he said that he's on the other line with another person talking about their case and that he could either place me on hold or call me back so I said call me back. Well It's been a while and he never called m e back so now it seems very scam like as I checked my bank account and nothing was returned or credited to my account so I believe it's a scam.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: ACB and Associates
Number: 855-709-2847


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