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Darlene - 04-23-2015

So she gave me a "heads up" call that I was going to be served and then confirmed my address. I got a number to call 855-732-3218 and then was connected to the legal department. I was told that I owed $2700 on a check from an account in 2007. I told the lady (who was the same one who gave me the heads up call) that I had paid off that account and had a letter to confirm it. Then because I was rude, she would not give me the information about the company I wrote the check to. She said I would find all that out when the papers were served. I called back after calming down and reading that JS Resolutions is a scam. Once I was connected to the same person, she said that they were a mediation group so she might be able to get the amount reduced. When she came back, she said the matter would be cleared up for $650. I asked again for the documentation. She would not give it to me. I then told her that in Colorado, the statute of limitations on bad check was 6/7 years (different sites) and that I wasn't going to pay anything until I had the paperwork. During both calls, she kept referring to retaining a lawyer, appearing in court (and the court she told me I would appear in was wrong because I never lived in that jurisdiction during that time frame, nor was the alleged check written to a business in that county), and she wouldn't be helping me anymore. Thanks goodness I did some checking before I gave her any personal information.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Stephanie
Company: JS Resolutions
Number: 855-732-3218


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