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Annoyed - 04-22-2014

Known Numbers: 855-477-9474, 866-755-0452, 855-768-3971
Received a call from this number from "Michelle Keller" with "LaSalle Recovery". Like similar comments, received a call telling me that a process server was coming to my house tomorrow. Called Michelle and asked her for some information about the debt that they are supposedly collecting. She gave me the name of a company that I did business with in the past, and offered an alleged loan date. I ended the call and called the company she said I owe - both a brick-and-mortar store, as well as their corporate collections department. Confirmed that I am 100% paid in full with that company and that I have in fact never been sent to collections by them at all. The company also confirmed that "we don't even offer loans in that amount", and "we don't sue people", so no process server should ever be involved. Called Michelle back and left a message (strange that now she won't answer the call), told her the information, that this is an invalid debt. Asked her to call back right away to resolve.

Side note: the corporate collections department of the company I "have a debt with" mentioned that I did the right thing and to NEVER OFFER THIS TYPE OF CALLER PERSONAL INFORMATION. Mentioned that this is most likely a scam.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Michelle Keller
Company: LaSalle Recovery
Number: 855-738-3971


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