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C - 12-18-2013

I have received several calls from this number. When you call back it is for a company called LSU. The company does not exist. This is some scam. They told me I would have a warrant for my arrest if I did not pay a past due balance for some payday loan that I have never even had. This company said they would send the police to my home and work if I did not pay. When I rebutted that my lawyer would contact them they proceeded to tell me that I could not contact my lawyer. They were already processing my warrant and I could not use my lawyer. Then told me to pay them court fees and other misc. fees to stop the police from coming to arrest me because I am a criminal. I then very politely told the woman that I have never even had a speeding ticket let alone ever done anything to be criminally charged for. So please beware!!! Be smart. Ask questions and then have a lawyer contact the number that called you. These scams are on the FBI website and becoming very common. They will have information about you that is public information. They will probably have the last 4 of your social. Whatever you do just tell them your lawyer will contact them directly .

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Ms Thompson
Company: LSU
Number: 855-746-0226


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