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TOM - 03-07-2012

I pick up the phone and it's some place in Nebraska affiliated with Wells Fargo (not Wells Fargo) trying to sell me disaster insurance that would cover my mortgage payments and time away from my home should a disaster hit. I did alright last year with no damage from Hurricane Irene, and I didn't like that they were going to send me a certificate saying that I was already enrolled when I didn't give permission to be enrolled. She says on the phone that I can evaluate it when they send me the materials but I must cancel within 3 months if I decide not to keep it. Our condo association has a reserve fund for disasters. I told her to take a hike and said I'm declining this offer right now. I don't know why Wells Fargo sells my name and phone number out to these 3rd parties who try to rip me off just because my mortgage is with Wells Fargo.

Number: 855-753-2269


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