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SusieB - 03-27-2013

This guy calls himself Jacob Bernard. Claims to be a Currier Service. Announced he will be showing up with legal documents and a properly id'd process server. First of all a process server does not need a currier to deliver documents and vice versa. Used threatening language."I suggest you make arrangements with the filer, 8187569461 or they will sue you. A currier has no idea what type of documents he may be delivering and they do not get personally involved with a clien'ts business.Their job is to deliver items and that is it.Also,a process server does not need your id to serve you. Giving out personal id numbers is foolish, refuse to do it. The so called currier is calling from an unregistered cel phone 3235761908 and gave no company names at any times, yet he had their phone number. Scam! I texted the323 number and told him I had contacted the police. If you try and call the 855 number it is also unregistered. A legitimate collector gives their company name. this is what happens when you do not pull up your TRW. Fake collection companies prey on you for debts they know are way out of the statute of Limitations. Just let them know you are contacting your local authorities and then do it.

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: Allegedly Jacob Bernard
Number: 855-756-9461


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