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Brian - 02-04-2016

This number appears to belong to a collection agency. I had two messages left on my answering machine regarding a person who is not at this number. The caller identified himself as Mr. Lewis from the legal department of ACI saying that there were two items involved, gave what he referred to as a case number. There is an ACI collection agency with a website, and the conclusion I drew after talking to Mr. Lewis was that this is the entity he works for.

He called a third time and my wife answered the call and I talked to him on another phone. The person I talked to said his name was Jason Lewis. I asked him what the initials ACI stood for and he did not tell me--just evaded the question. I asked for the name of the company's lead attorney and he responded that they do not have attorneys, because they are "pre-legal" I asked what state they are incorporated in and he replied that they are incorporated in every state. I did find them listed on the corporation list of the state where I live (it’s available on-line).

He asked several times "who am I talking to?" and I responded that I, not he, am asking the questions and I told him that I would be contacting the Attorney General’s office for my State and I told him "do not call here again, goodbye."

My assessment of this information: This is a company that buys up charged off credit card balances that were too low for the original lender to collect by lawsuit. Consequently all of the information they have in connection with the debt is old. In this case, the information is probably 4 or 5 years old. So they do not have a current address and phone number. There are other ways to get the information, but calling the last known phone number and bullying whoever answers is probably the quickest and cheapest way to get it.

I have contacted my State's Attorney General’s Office and they agreed that the practices I described were questionable, that they have received complaints from other callers about this company and they would send me the necessary paperwork.

Get as much info as you can, tell them nothing.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Mr Lewis
Company: ACI
Number: 855-764-8934


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