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Mike - 07-25-2013

As a routine follow up. Some people are claiming this guys FULL NAME IS: Todd Hamblin. Sounds like another bogus name. When I inquired about whose calling , The company s name and whats this regarding. AS usually the wouldnt tell me. After giving them a tasty AIR HORN INSULT. I hung up the phone blocked the number emailed a complained to the CIBC and contacted the CRTC. Then Im going after Bell for being such CENSORED! for allowing them to phone people up and antagonize them. One other lie TODD HAMBLIN is the name you would give to a WHITE GUY . So why am I constantly being badgered by EAST INDIANS SOUNDING BOTTOM FEEDERS.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Number: 855-771-6017


Mike - 07-20-2013

Prerecorded robo 800 number- actually flagged as a telamarketer (scam). Trying to extract personal banking information.As a representative of C.I.B.C
Toll free Bell Canada number. Probably out of Toronto with a American connection. (Better equipment)Of course its untraceable its known as a spoof caller ID number. Total abuse of technology. Any recourse different from what Ide like to do is. File a complaint if youre a Canadian through the C.R.T.C web sight. Takes a whole month before these numbers start to peter off and then build up again. grrrrr!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: I found his alleged name TOD
Company: CIBC
Number: 855-771-6017


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