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C - 04-15-2013

Here's some info for anyone geting calls from them:

They are a debt collection SCAM. Registered in NY SOS with NO agent information at:

3840 East Robinson Road, Blasdell NY 14219 (address doesn't exist)

3840 East Robinson Road, Amherst NY 14228 (address from their website is actually a UPS Store in Amherst NY)

Phone numbers area/local codes are to Buffalo NY.

pick up the phone ... and write down any and all information they tell you. It's a scam .. so, don't give out any information, but ask for their name, address, phone number, what it's regarding etc. Record everything they tell you. They like to say that they are attempting to serve you with "legal" documents, or they leave a voicemail identifying themselves as from a "legal claims division."

Even though they violate nearly every aspect of the FDCPA and typically multiple state statutes as well - attorney's won't take a violation case to court - because this operation has no address, no identifiable person and, when you do win because they don't show up - there's no way to collect.

File complaints with the following organizations:
BBB Upstate NY
Your State's attorney general
NY State Attorney General
the Internet Crime Commission (

In my situation, I was also able to file a complaint with the illinois department of financial and professional regulation because in illinois collection agencies must be licensed either by their state or by illinois. This company is not a licensed collection agency.

The more complaints that are sent in, the less likely they will continue to operate (under this name anyway)

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Christopher Harris
Company: HW Capital HW Associates Hoganandweinburgcom
Number: 855-788-3761


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