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Jay - 04-11-2014

Received a message from 855-791-2353 and 702-998-3416, which is a NV number, that a case was being forwarded to the district attorneys office for charges to be filed. 1st FDCPA violation, when I called back to speak to them, they simply answered the phone "Attorneys Office", yeah right. They stated that is was a federally recorded line, 2nd FDCPA violation, they did not state that it was an attempt to collect a debt, 3rd violation. Stated that I had an unpaid PDL from 2008 with JHS marketing, a company I have never heard of. I informed the lady that I had filed bankruptcy in 2010, she stated that the company chose not to be included, lie, no creditors filed to protest the bankruptcy. She then stated that I did not list the debt on the bankruptcy, ok, maybe because it is non existent. Could not provide a date of the debt, just stated it was charged off in 2008. Asked her to mail me info, stated I would get all info I needed in court papers, violation #4 of FDCPA. I asked her for their address, and she gave me:

13850 Ballantyne Corporate Place
Charlotte, NC 28277

This is the address of a virtual office facility. Their website: is totally cheap, and the three attorneys listed are not registered with the NC Bar. This is not a company that is on the up and up. Do not disclose too much info to these people. Stated I would get served in the next 24-48 hours. Well I'm waiting.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Kaufman and Associates
Number: 855-791-2353


Benji Bijan - 03-04-2014

Yes, her name is Mitchell Clark

Caller type: Other
Number: 855-791-2353


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