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JEN SMITH - 04-04-2013

Hahahah. I get alot of pleasure out of calling these people as much as they call me. Turns out, they are not even looking for me..they are looking for my boyfriend. Regardless, I call them back from another number, and everytime I yell and curse at them, they get very upset. ! hahahaaaaa I enjoy calling them and telling them I know it is a scam and that "their mother must be so proud" of the job of choice. The first time I called, the woman got so upset she put a man on the phone who kept saying he is "axing me to be a human being" and I stated that his English is not proper and he can't AXE me, but he can ASK me. I then asked him to spell ASK. :) I wish they would stop calling me, but I record every conversation for my own protection. ************************PLEASE NOBODY OUT THERE GIVE ANY OF THESE PEOPLE YOUR CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. THEY ARE TRYING TO SCAM YOU AND TAKE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. DO NOT DO IT!******************************

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: ach
Number: 855-799-4492


Donna - 03-27-2013

This is a scam but here is how we can all get our revenge. Everyone dail *67 855-799-4492 and when they answer say nothing. Just wait for them to hang up then call back in again. If enough people join in on the fun, the scammers will be doing nothing but answering calls that go nowhere all day with no means for determining where all the calls are coming from. This is not what they set up shop for and if it is guaranteed to be aggravating for them.

Caller type: Sociopath
Number: 855-799-4492


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