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Annoyed - 02-03-2014

This number is a scam. They have your info to scare you to pay. Don't pay. 100% not a legit collection agency. The only way I got one of these fraudsters to stop calling is getting them really pissed off and when they think you'll give them payment info say no because you need their info first. Troll them. Telling them you'll contact authorities they don't care because they are in another country. Only there at certain hours because of that same reason. Most the time you'll get the answering machine until he's in the mood to swindle some dumb Americans. I think once you are on this list I think you are forever in his black book of tricks. He's an angry man. Probably has a really ugly mean wife that beats him. He wishes he was a police officer some days then others an attorney. But he is much too stupid for a job like that. So he has resorted to being a complete loser. Bow our heads for this sad little man as this is his pathetic legacy.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: lil p
Company: inside his bathroom
Number: 855-805-5549


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