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Angry Bird - 03-07-2013

Good afternoon! Well my husband just rec'vd another call from "CCA" this morning with a threat to service him papers to appear in court and that they are representing "Sandoval County" in New Mexico. This is the 2nd day they have called my husband with this threat, so being the wife I am, I went straight to our local "Sandoval County" police dept and filed a police report. Just as i was leaving I thought I'd give "CCA" a call to see if they would talk to me. So here's what happened. I called one of the numbers that they have been leaving on my husbands voicemail. A guy by the name of "Elijah" picked up and didn't even introduce himself with the "CCA" company. I proceeded to ask him what company he was with and he verified that for me, and I ask him about the case# he left for my husband which is #022869, he then looked up that case # and ask me if my husband was "Daniel Cross", i told him "NO!" that is not my husband. He tried to ask me for my husbands name and i refused to give it to him. He then ask me what number they have been I gave him my husbands #.....with no surprise they couldn't find it in their!...figures right?!. So I asked him for their company address and this is what "Elijah" gave me...PO BOX 1335 in NY. He then asked me to hold on and transfered me to his "BOSS", but by this time I was back in the police dept. The officer saw how upset I was with these people that he took the phone from me and started to talk with him....loooooong story short the BOSS of CCA which by the way is "Peter Edwards" finally pulled his head out of his ass and told me with every witness in the police station that they had the wrong person and that he apologized to me, my husband and the police officer and that they would remove the numbers from their system and that he was emailing the dept that makes all the out going calls......wheew! And all of this becuz of these "Jackasses"...... Beware people, don't let them scare you!. File a complaint with your local police dept, State Attorney General office with you state and with the "FTC" Federal Trades Commisions office.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Elijah John Tidwellwho knows what other thousands of names he has used
Company: CCA
Number: 855-809-6123


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