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Melan - 12-11-2013

After seeing this number reported as and also a debt recovery service, I decided to research further. In searching the number, I came up with a website Premiumtech 24/7 at - they said that they were a Microsoft Certified Professional tech support company that assures 100% satisfaction. The number stated prominently on their page was 855-811-5322. I was going to copy and paste here, but my computer suddenly locked up. After restarting my computer, I searched the number, but used "1" first (18558115322). That time I got which said they were a company that helps other companies compete more effectively on the web. was listed as one of their services. Another function that was listed on that page was their tech support Premiumtech24;7. I received a robocall with the same recording reported above at 12:32 p.m. today. As previously stated, the recording said that they had tried to reach me several times before, that they required a verbal response, and that if I did not call them back at the given number, they would assume that I was not going to voluntarily resolve this issue.

Caller type: Other
Number: 855-811-5322


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